Political Wrestling Federation: Rheumatic Rhinos vs The Teflon Trio


courtesy of William Bontrager

Explanation: So usually I have enough ammunition to fire at the Obama administration but I would be amiss not to include the rhino republicans. Now when it comes to conservatives there are two classes. The class that sits high above, the blue blood, the old money type, who are just as bad as the liberals. They often side with them, or they simply allow themselves to get punched in the face repeatedly by not speaking up on important issues like immigration, abortion, or education. That is why I wrote this. This is Darrell Issa,(the tougher of the bunch) Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachman and John Boehner at their weakest. I portray them as Pro wrestling stars because when they make their speeches, they are full of fabricated emotion. Enjoy!


“Hello Everyone.” My name is good ol J.R. Jim Ross! I’ve been a commentator for the WWE for more than a decade, and I am coming out of retirement because we have a rivalry between two heated combatants that will make me run home to sweet home Oklahoma afterwards.”

“It isn’t in the squared circle this time! It is in the political arena. It is arguably a more apt place to find false characters, fake moves, and cowardly retreats than where I got my roots. At least in the world of professional wrestling there were slams that made Stone Cold crap his pants, ears twisted off from barb wire, and real coconuts smashed on skulls.”

“In Washington, everything is fake.”

“Let’s go backstage where the Republican Party stable has just recovered from another tremendous beat down by the Teflon Trio of the Democratic regime under Obama the “Executive Sheik.”

“Hello Jim Ross. This is Mean Gene Okerlund here, and I am backstage with the current speaker of the House, John the “Baby-Boy,” Boehner and his team, the Rheumatic Rhinos. There is, Eric “Can’t- Win,” Cantor, “Ice Cold” Darrell Issa, and the mousy and uninviting, “Missing Bachman.”

The, “Baby Boy,” swaggers to the microphone. His face is blue and purple. His lips are torn. His head is swollen. He is sweating profusely from the thick diaper he is wearing. He approaches the microphone like a tough guy but when he looks in the camera, his hound dog eyes water and he sobs uncontrollably.

“They beat us Mean Gene…they were so scary,” he weeps.

He is pushed aside for, “Ice Cold”, Darrell Issa. He has greasy tufts of grey hair sprouting from his chest out of the plain blue singlet he wears. He points in to the camera and growls.

“Well you know something Mean Gene! We Rhinos are getting our fill of these tricksters calling themselves the Teflon Trio. Harry “the Commie-Red Reid! If you are in the arena, I am coming for you! Not everyone in our party is a spineless jellyfish. Do you think we are scared?! Do you see us crying?”

Mean Gene gestures behind Issa with the microphone.

“Actually, the, “Baby-Boy”, Boehner is quite literally crying.” He says, grinning.

In the background, “Baby-Boy” is indeed crying. “Missing” Bachman hands him his scotch on the rocks and “Baby Boy,” is sedated, sipping contently and remarking about how the ice is, “sparkly.”

“I don’t have time for this Mean Gene! You liberal media folks are about to get a beat down, cuz Ice Cold says so!”

“Wait just a minute Ice-Cold Issa!” Mean Gene frowns talking back.

“That is some tough talk. How can you back that up? Might I remind you that Harry “Commie-Red,” Reid and his tag team party just beat your whole team merely seconds ago!”

“Let me remind you Mean Gene, that we are not defeated!” Eric ,”Can’t-Win,” Cantor steps to the microphone. He stares hard at the interviewer trying desperately to intimidate him. Mean Gene points a finger in Cantor’s chest, not afraid.

“Let me remind you Mr. Cantor, that not only has your team just been defeated, as Obama the Executive Sheik keeps fooling you time and time again, but you personally have been kicked out of your position as House Majority Leader. How are you claiming that you haven’t been defeated?”

“You look at me Mean Gene. I am “Can’t-Quit Cantor. You see my chiseled good looks? You see my physique?” Cantor brags, kissing his muscle.

“No. You are “Can’t-win.” Mean Gene corrects.

Cantor’s expression suddenly changes. “Oh. Well. I think I’ll go find Sean Handsome Hannity and form a republican boy band then. Toodles!”

“Ice Cold”, Cantor just left, and your speaker of the House is an infant and an alcoholic. How are you going to keep it together?” Mean Gene turns back to Issa.

“With this! Show them “Missing” Bachman! Show them our secret weapon.” Issa shouts.

Michelle “Missing: Bachman tweets on her phone and holds it up to the camera. The letters read. Lois Lerner. Tell the Truth. Please. The “Please” is written in all caps.

“Ice Cold” hollers and points to the camera.

“Bam! That just happened son! We are going to be tweeting all day and all night! Have you had enough yet Teflon Trio?!” He bellows.

“I don’t think Commie- Red Reid, Lois Liar Lerner, and Hot Stink Over the Hill-ary Clinton are intimidated by your tweets and texts Ice!” Mean Gene shouts.

“Well, if that isn’t enough. We always have Johnny McCain Heathen.” We can rely on him to back us up against Commissioner Sheik’s evil regime.” Issa adds with faltering confidence.

“I don’t think so. Right now the war grizzled old man is eating the stuffing from the chairs. He thinks he is back in the bamboo cages of Vietnam.” Mean Gene retorts.

The camera shows John “Insane” McCain shoving piles of furniture stuffing in his mouth. He is naked except for a belt of leaves covering his bony pale thighs. His eyes dart from one Senate Seat to the next, drooling in a thick puddle in front of the American Flag.

“Ok. I will take them on myself! I have truth on my side. We are going to get to the truth behind Lois Liar Lerner’s emails between 2009 to 2011! We are going to show the world again that the Rheumatic Rhinos still rule the political arena!”

Mean Gene opens an envelope.

“Are you aware “Ice Cold” that a letter has been delivered. It says that we don’t have the emails anymore, that they are sorry, and that they are really sorry. It says that they cannot really give a reason, that if they had the emails they wouldn’t provide them, that they dare you to do anything about it, but that you can trust them, and it says again, that they are sorry. Now that should make your blood boil if anything should. Don’t you think Ice-Cold?”

“ Actually Mean Gene…that is a good reason. I guess our rivalry about this is over. Thanks Teflon Trio. You have been most considerate. I’m sorry I had to get rough with you.” Issa smiles and walks off waving.

“You are an animal “Ice Cold”. I can’t see how you lose every time,” Mean Gene says, shaking his head.

“Back to you Jim Ross.”

“As usual the Rhinos wilt under the lights. Although the Teflon Trio and the commissioner are some of the dirtiest players in the game, the Rhinos are undoubtedly the softest. For Political Wrestling Entertainment, I’m good ol Jim Ross, going back to a sport where the hitting is real. Good night and God help us.”


Dianne the Fein Opposes the Empire: All Choked Up


courtesy of William Bontrager

Dianne Feinstein, or better known as Dianne the Fein, holds a chain attached to an immigrant in a princess Leia slave outfit and sludges towards the podium. The reporters are muttering questions. Cameras are flashing in her wrinkled melting face. She grunts and tries to hold her thick hands to her face, but cannot. In her ear piece, there is a sharp demand.

“Ok Dianne the Fein. You know your role in the empire. You are to express your happiness in the rescue of the last P.O.W in Afghanistan.”

“What is happiness?” Dianne the Fein grunts.

“Start out by smiling.” The voice suggests.

Dianne the Fein shakes her massive sludgy head in confusion. The reporters are waiting to hear from her. She yanks the immigrant girl in anger by her chain. A frustrated voice sounds out in Dianne the Fein’s earpiece.

“Try to raise your cheeks, by curling your lips, and lift your eyebrows to express your friendliness towards the rebel reporters.”

“Impossible.” Dianne the Fein grimaces.

“Might I remind you Dianne, that the Senator, Harry Reid has lauded our rescue of Sergeant Bergdahl. The President Puppet has as well. All of us need to work together to quell the rebel’s claims that this man was a deserter. I would encourage you to play along, or else.”

Dianne the Fein shakes the chain angrily as photographers snap pictures. She bellows in a deep voice under hanging wrinkled flesh.


“Don’t you do anything you will regret..!” The voice in the earpiece says hurriedly.

Dianne the Fein smashes the earpiece and throws it off the stage. She roars as she jerks on the chain, and leans forward against the podium threatening to spill her onto the reporters below. Security guards run on the stage and push against her pudding-textured body. Slowly they bring her back to an upright position. Dianne the Fein looks out at the reporters with contempt with pig eyes oozing. Great slimy beads of sweat roll down her forehead.

“I TAKE QUESTIONS NOW,” the Fein grumbles.

A timid reporter speaks up.

“Dianne.  In December, Obama issued a statement that said the executive branch should have the flexibility “to act swiftly in conducting negotiations with foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee transfers. Were you aware of this prisoner swap at all? And if not, why not, as you are the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair- creature?”

“NOOO. NO HEAR.” Diane the Fein grumbles. The podium shakes.

A security guard gets a signal in his earpiece.

“OBAMA DO, ME NO CONSENT.” She belches out.

The reporter that asks the question is snatched up by flying drones hovering overhead.


Another reporter speaks up, looking carefully around him.

“Dianne. You look less melty today. Can you give me your opinion on the president’s statement that he had to act fast because they were concerned with his health?”

“HEALTH GOOD OF HIM! HIM WAS EATING STEAK.HIM WAS EATING LOBSTER. HIM WAS HAVING OWN GYM.” Dianne roars. A long bubbling stream of drool drips down from the podium and forms at the slave Leia’s bare feet.

“Are you saying that Sergeant Burgdahl was not malnourished and that his captors had him eating well and exercising? Wow. What else?” The reporter asks.

“HIM WAS GOES TO SCHOOL. HIM WAS LEARNING!” Dianne the Fein bellows. She yanks on the chain angrily. Security all around her is getting antsy. They are receiving instructions in their earpieces now.

“Whoa! Are you saying that the terrorists were giving the young man an education too? How nice of them? Tell us more Dianne the Fein.” A reporter for a small publication presses the issue.


“And the father of the prisoner had close contact with his son’s captors? Incredible!” The reporter almost shrieks.

Other reporters gain energy from the fiery questioning. The security guards move now. Drones appear from space and blast a few reporters into cinders. Other reporters trying to get more from the self- preserving Senator rush at her with microphones in hand. They are held back by Susan Rice Wheel Droids however. The lasers fly. Dianne knocks over the stand and rushes the security guards. She swats them away and sends them crashing against the American Flag. She wriggles her way on stage seeking escape.

“Act now,” a raspy voice sounds off in the immigrant’s ear.

“Yes, senora Rice.” The immigrant responds in broken English.

The immigrant starts choking Diane the Fein with her very own chain. The immigrant in the princess Leia outfit pulls hard. Diane struggles, grabbing at her bulbous neck, but cannot find the strength to escape it. She is old and weak from the struggle.  The last breaths go out of Diane the Fein and she drops limp to the stage. She lands with a heavy splat and oozes into a pale puddle of bubbling broth.

The security guards mop her away, as the drones are clearing the area for any dissenters. The long standing generations of Diane the Fein, and her era of politicking and rule are over under the New Empire. They do not put up with dissent, even among their own. (cue Darth Vader’s music)